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A community for the youth of New Jersey who take pride in who they are

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Gayness Galore
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I created this community for gay, lesbian, and bisexual New Jersey teens to come and share their lives and such with fellow gays, lesbians and bi's alike. I tend to think of this community as a family, so please, be respectful to your fellow community members!

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Shawn Patrick Van Fleet



Membership to this community is restricted! You MUST be approved first before you gain posting access. If you have any questions or wish to join, please contact me on AIM at ShawnyPAdvanced. Thank you! ^_^

Also, rudeness will not be tolerated! This is a community of support and respect! If there is any disrespectful conduct, the following will result:

1st time- posting access will be suspended for up to a week, unless a written apology to those who were targeted is posted in entry form within 24 hours of the incident.

2nd time- If you disrespect any member of this community a second time, or continue to display disrespectful behavior towards others, you will be removed from the community all together.

Equality, opportunity, love....that is my dream!

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